North Gaia amazing location a huge factor for potential Yishun homebuyers



The new North Gaia EC at Yishun Avenue 9 is now accessible by public transportation. Just four stops from the Woodlands MRT Station, which will serve as an interchange station for the Thomson-East Coast Line.

Residents of North Gaia will have access to an extensive road network that includes main and arterial roads, bus interchanges and expressways. The new North-South Expressway will make traffic easier and allow for better access to the CBD and northern regions.

Residents will also benefit from the 21.5-km-long North-South Corridor. This corridor will change the way people travel in the City and Northern Region.



Yishun is home to some of the most prestigious schools in Singapore.

Chongfu School is just five minutes away from North Gaia. Chongfu School is dedicated to developing the next generation of thinkers with the social and emotional skills that will make responsible citizens.

North Gaia’s close proximity to GEMS World Academy is a great option for expat families. This school provides education for children in kindergarten through Year 12.

There are also nearby schools.

  • ChongFu Primary School
  • Naval Base Primary Schools
  • Yishun Primary School
  • Yishun Secondary School
  • Xishan Primary Schools
  • Huamin Primary Schools
  • Orchid Park Secondary school
  • Peiying Primary Schools
  • Chung Cheng High School
  • Northland Secondary Schools

Also, Yishun Library can be found in the town. In 2018, the library was renovated with new learning spaces.


North Gaia’s location is close to many retail outlets, from small shops and large malls to larger ones. The future residents of the area are just a short drive from places they can buy groceries, household goods, and other necessities.

There are many restaurants and kid’s play areas in malls.

Northpoint City

Northpoint City, the largest mall in northern Singapore, is connected to an air-conditioned bus interchange and houses the North Park Residences.

Shopping malls offer a wide range of goods. Many services and stores that cater to all family members, including food, exercise, and health, are easily accessible.

You’ll find a wide variety of restaurants and eateries at this mall.


Wisteria Mall

Wisteria mall is another great option for shopping.

Shop at the mall’s lifestyle section to find a variety of shops and products that will allow you to shop until you drop. Enjoy a relaxed meal or dinner in one of its fine restaurants with a pleasant atmosphere.

Junction Nine

Another place to find in North Gaia while you are there is Junction Nine. Junction Nine has more than 140 shops and delicious food.…

Affordable, Yet Effective Ways, To Keep Prompt Paying Tenants

As a landlord, you understand what a good tenant is, and they are hard to find especially if the demand for the leasing place is very low due to the rampant available renting places in the market. What help you keep your good renters, we have a few simple, affordable yet effective ways to keep prompt paying tenants from leaving their rented place.

1. Create rapture in the way you communicate with your leaser
Sometimes between the renter and owner relationship, there is what we call an invisible wall between them. On the side of the renter, it is understandable that they will feel aloof with their landlord especially if their landlord is strict and does not look approachable to them. Having a genuine interest and care for their welfare will make them feel that you are not the type of landlord who is just after the money. If the communication is open between the leaser and the landlord, the landlord will know personal details about the leaser such as their birthday, and they take upon themselves to send them birthday cards or a compliment when you heard that they won in some school tournament.

2. Know the situation of your leaser
If you know the situation of your leaser, you will know their weak points, and using that you can extend some services that they can appreciate. Tenants who have a one-year-old baby would appreciate if you have the medicine cabinet stocked in the house or a few packs of things sponsored by you such as coffee or snacks in the cupboard. If you would put your shoes in the renter’s place, how would you feel if you know your landlord is giving off such freebies to their tenants? Wouldn’t you be delighted and touched on the simple gestures?

3. Motivate and cultivate a good attitude of your leaser
If your leaser is a prompt payor, you can show appreciation for this act by giving them a little gift. Of course, the most valuable token most leasers can wish for is some discount on the lease. You can do so if you are not tight on budget, such as giving them rebates on their monthly payments when they pay early.

4. Take note on the date they move in into your place
Well, the important of jotting down notes when your leaser moves in into your place will be your basis to send compliments on the anniversary. Most leasers have not thought of it, and are often accustomed to having a cold-hearted landlord who will just show at the end of the month to get the pay. Some other time, send bags of groceries on the anniversary and the renewal date. If you want to make renovations to the place as a compliment on their anniversary on the place you can ask about their opinion since it is for them.

5. Don’t be too uptight with the rules
It is good to have set rules and regulations on the place you have rented to avoid misunderstandings. This will also set boundaries on what the leaser can do in the place they lease, however, giving them some leeway for some cases will bring a more harmonious relationship between the leaser and the landlord. Say, for example, the leaser is not allowed to use the lawn of the house but if they ask you to hold a little party for their five-year-old kid and the use of the lawn is needed to cater the numbers of kids that might attend the party, let it. Anyway, it will just be for that occasion. A tenant who has versatile landlord will tend to reciprocate it in whatever ways they can.

Close to $2mil to support Home Improvement Program by HDB

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) revealed that $1.93 billion Was invested under the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) since its launch in 2007 until 31 March this year, while another $40 million has been spent under the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) scheme.

Real Estate Agent with Clients in New Home

HIP is for elderly HDB flats built up to 1986 that have not undergone the Main Upgrading Programme features. It is ordinarily offered along with HIP in order to make it even more convenient for residents, since improvement works can be carried out simultaneously, reported Channel News Asia.
As at November 2017, almost 149,000 households applied for EASE because Its debut in July 2012, with around 97,000 opting for the scheme together with HIP. The rest applied for the programme under the Direct Application scheme.

Focused on improvements inside the home units, HIP helps unit Owners deal with common maintenance problems connected to ageing flats. It is going to only proceed when at least 75 percent of the eligible families within a block had voted in favour of their programme.

Notably, there are three principal components of work beneath HIP — Optional, Essential and EASE improvements.

Side Note: New residential condominium- Daintree Residence Showflat is going to launch around 1st half of 2018

Fully Covered by the government, essential improvements are geared toward Improving general health and safety standards, together with functions including repair of structural cracks or spalling concrete as well as pipe socket replacements using new clothes drying racks.

Works under the optional parts include the upgrade of existing Toilets and replacement of gates, chief doors and refuse chute hoppers, whilst EASE improvements incorporate slip-resistant treatment of toilet floor tiles and installation of ramps and grab bars.

Although home owners pay for the combination of improvement works They require, such works are heavily subsidised by the government by up to 95 percent.

In Reality, upgrading works at 101,000 flats from 113 projects have Already been completed as at 30 November 2017, while another 139,400 flats are in different stages of progress. HDB is place to pick the rest eligible flats by end-2018.

Among those who had their flats upgraded under the HIP and EASE Programs is Mr. Chew Ang Moh. While Chew is still able-bodied, he’d opted for the EASE improvements.

improvement works to be done now. We know we’re not getting any younger, We arranged for this to be done early,” said the 70-year-old Chew, who Lives in a four-room flat with his 65-year-old spouse, son and three grandchildren.…