Close to $2mil to support Home Improvement Program by HDB

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) revealed that $1.93 billion Was invested under the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) since its launch in 2007 until 31 March this year, while another $40 million has been spent under the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) scheme.

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HIP is for elderly HDB flats built up to 1986 that have not undergone the Main Upgrading Programme features. It is ordinarily offered along with HIP in order to make it even more convenient for residents, since improvement works can be carried out simultaneously, reported Channel News Asia.
As at November 2017, almost 149,000 households applied for EASE because Its debut in July 2012, with around 97,000 opting for the scheme together with HIP. The rest applied for the programme under the Direct Application scheme.

Focused on improvements inside the home units, HIP helps unit Owners deal with common maintenance problems connected to ageing flats. It is going to only proceed when at least 75 percent of the eligible families within a block had voted in favour of their programme.

Notably, there are three principal components of work beneath HIP — Optional, Essential and EASE improvements.

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Fully Covered by the government, essential improvements are geared toward Improving general health and safety standards, together with functions including repair of structural cracks or spalling concrete as well as pipe socket replacements using new clothes drying racks.

Works under the optional parts include the upgrade of existing Toilets and replacement of gates, chief doors and refuse chute hoppers, whilst EASE improvements incorporate slip-resistant treatment of toilet floor tiles and installation of ramps and grab bars.

Although home owners pay for the combination of improvement works They require, such works are heavily subsidised by the government by up to 95 percent.

In Reality, upgrading works at 101,000 flats from 113 projects have Already been completed as at 30 November 2017, while another 139,400 flats are in different stages of progress. HDB is place to pick the rest eligible flats by end-2018.

Among those who had their flats upgraded under the HIP and EASE Programs is Mr. Chew Ang Moh. While Chew is still able-bodied, he’d opted for the EASE improvements.

improvement works to be done now. We know we’re not getting any younger, We arranged for this to be done early,” said the 70-year-old Chew, who Lives in a four-room flat with his 65-year-old spouse, son and three grandchildren.

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